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Do I have to be based in the UK to join Team Purdue Performance?

No – we are a worldwide running community with runners based around the globe.

Do I have to be a certain level/ability before joining Purdue Performance?

No – even a complete beginner can benefit from the structure of a tailored running program.

Each of our programs are constructed on an individual basis based upon the information you disclose to us. We take into consideration your own work/family commitments, fitness level, injury history and personal goals before constructing your training. From your first 5km to Marathon.

How often can I get in contact with my coach?

As part of joining the Purdue Performance Premium Package you are able to be in frequent contact with your professional coach via your private WhatsApp group. For Those on the Purdue Performance Package you gain contact with the coaches via the teams private Facebook group. Questions will be frequently answered on here and also on your monthly review of training.

Do I need to have gym access or fitness equipment to use the plan?

No – if you already use the gym as part of your weekly routine, we can keep that in your running program. If not – we do not require you to join a gym or use any other fitness equipment.

How is the training delivered?

We use a digital training app to deliver all of your training and to monitor your progress with us. As part of both the Pro and Performance package membership the app is fully included at no extra cost. This will act as your online training diary.

What happens if I get injured whilst training with Team Purdue Performance?

Whilst we hope that none of our athletes will get injured, we know that injuries do happen when training hard. With athletes on our Premium package we will discuss some cross-training options and set the suitable training to you. For all athletes on our Purdue Package you will be sent a document specific to cross training and then the following month when updates are made to your plan cross training will be implemented.

Is there a fixed contract?

There is no fixed contract term with our Premium package, all that we ask is for one month’s notice if you wish to leave Team Purdue Performance. With our Purdue Package there is a 3-month minimum sign term.

Can I continue with my Premium Package subscription after my original goal race and focus on a new race or training aim?

Yes – lots of members join with the vison to focus on one race and then once this race has been and gone, they like to continue with their training with Purdue Performance and focus on a new race or training goal. All we require is a direct message or email to inform us.

Can I change my schedule based upon my work/family commitments?

Yes – As the training is set using our FREE app, it is very easily changed and can be adjusted according to any last-minute plans or commitments (Personalised PREMIUM package only).

I am a member of an athletics club; can I still train with them and combine Purdue Performance with this?

Yes. We can easily adapt your training program to include training sessions with other groups/athletics clubs. We fully encourage our athletes to let us know when and what training you’ll be doing and can do, so we can adapt that into your program. Social running is extremely important to us.

What happens when I sign up?

The first step for both our premium and Purdue package is to complete our very unique and effective athlete fact find and form.

Can I transfer from the Premium to the Premium PLUS Package?

Yes, as we can only offer an exclusive number of places for our Premium Package, we then hold a waiting list. However, if you are already a member with us on the Purdue Package, we offer first refusal to new Premium openings.