Team Purdue Performance Personalised PREMIUM Package

£99.00 / month

  • Suitable for runners of all abilities.
  • One to one phone consultation with a Team Purdue Performance head coach to kick start the coach / athlete relationship.
  • Assigned a specific Team Purdue Performance Professional Coach.
  • 24/7 interaction with your Head Coach via your own private WhatsApp group.
  • 1 phone call every four weeks if needed with your coach to discuss training, racing updates and chat all things running.
  • Access and support from the Team Purdue Performance worldwide community message group along with all coaches including Charlotte Purdue.
  • Training set individually every 2 weeks via your own FREE personal profile on our training app. Ability to upload all running data onto your own digital training diary.
  • Specific pace guidance on all key runs and session.
  • Cross training advice and guidance specific to your ability and need.
  • Weekly adjustments to your training plan if necessary, to compliment work and life stresses.
  • Race advice, guidance and competition planning.
  • Access to a select number of workout videos, including warm up, warm down and home gym work.
  • FREE Adidas Team Purdue Performance T-shirt and Vest after your first 2 months with the team.
  • Personal invites to all Team Purdue Performance training and meet up days during the year.



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The ever-popular Team Purdue Performance Personalised PREMIUM Package (formerly known as the Pro Package). A service that Purdue Performance have finely tuned over the past two years to now being the optimum Individualised coaching package to runners of all abilities around the world.

Developed for all runners looking to make the biggest gains with their training, running performances and ultimately expand their running knowledge. Day to day communication and access to your own professional team coach via a private message group and message group with Charlotte Purdue and community group of team members makes this the ultimate coaching experience for pbs, improved fitness and enjoyable training.

We want you to feel comfortable, safe and excited when Joining our Team!

No contract length, all that is required from athletes is a 1 months’ notice period.

All monthly subscription payments are processed on either the 1st or the 15th of each month while a member depending on your selected start date. For all athlete’s security you have full ability to cancel payments.